Enlightened Business

Beyond Conventional Coaching: Transform Your life and Expand Your Vision for Yourself and Your Level of Success!

Sandra and Daniel would like to invite you to join them in May for their ground-breaking new programs ENLIGHTENED BUSINESS.

These are spiritually advanced programs where you will dive into some really deep spiritual practices.

Sandra's spiritual inner work is phenomenal!

For decades, she has used her extensive knowledge of advanced spirituality, alternative healing and ancient enrgy techniques to help thousands heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

During this 3 hour event you will learn a process Sandra and Daniel created called Quantum NeutralityTM and exprience their signature Four Step System to take you through powerful spiritual processes to identify and remove the frequencies that act as obstacles to you being able to have a deeper, more fulfilling connection to your source...your True Self! 

You will experience the FOUR ESSENTIAL MODALITIES needed to delete the core unconscious programs that sabotage a person’s ability to move forward in life, and which will change your thought patterns, create new neural pathways, recode your DNA and upgrade your frequency.

In just 3 hours, experience a measurable shift in your energy and vibration into higher states! Experience living as your enlightened True Self and begin the PLATINUM Being Process to attain greater love, joy, and fulfillment.  

And, here’s a secret! No matter what you want to attract - the behind the scenes truth is it’s all the same laws.

During these experiential evening events you will receive 3 spiritual laws that will change your thought patterns, create new neural pathways, recode your DNA and upgrade your frequency to manifest the life you want. 

Get Ready to Eperience:

* A transmission of a customized high frequency energy of enlightenment

* A meditation and activation for more ease, pease, joy & prosperity

* A stronger connection with your True Self to access your divine guidance

You are invited to join award winning business and spiritual leaders Sandra and Daniel Biskind for their Enlightened Business LIVE event in California where you will recieve:

The 3 Spiritual Laws that will help to double your impact and income (without more business training!)

Dissolve your blocks so you can live from Spirit-Led Success 

Learn how to stop the struggle to balance work, family & finances, and

Stop overwhelm through the power of Enlightned Business

You will discover:

* A NEW paradigm of business to help you DO LESS and accomplish more. 

* The Critical perspective you must hold to be successful in our rapidly changing world.

* The #1 key to reliable prosperity. 

Imagine if you knew exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams. It's effortless, fun and abundant. You feel as though you are radiating joy, all the time!

Imagine living in abundance. All good things flowing with ease and grace. More clients, more free time, greater financial stability, a supportive, loving partner …

Close your eyes and see a future where you love your body, your relationships, and all your experiences. Happiness just flows through you! 

You're on a magical adventure as you soar through life from a higher dimension -- seeing things more clearly, able to resolve potential conflict before it begins, answering all of life's challenges from a source deep within yourself and soaking in an abundance of Success, Joy and Love that never ends.

Guess what, all of that can be yours when you change your thoughts by deleting the old, unconscious blocks sabotaging your ability to live as high frequency being!

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive 

but those who can best manage change.” ~Charles Darwin

Experience An Instant Shift

Sandra and Daniel Biskind have spent the last 35 years traveling the world, helping thousands of people to experience the shift into being more successful and more able to positively impact others, as they effortlessly tap in to the higher frequency of enlightenment and wholeness.

It all begins when you change your thoughts and raise your frequency. Once free from the unconscious thoughts that act as blocks in your love life, your work, your health and wellbeing... Once free from the unconcious programs that block your ability to live with meaning and purpose as the best version of you... success is assured!

They have been described as the couple who can solve seemingly unsolvable problems. The people who work with them all make huge shifts in their lives.

Now, it's your turn!

"Their work is transformational wizardry at its best. I had them work with my entire staff with magical results. They are the real deal.” -- Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

Does This Sound Like You?

Something is missing. It isn’t a lack of effort on your part. You’re smart, savvy, you’ve been honestly and diligently working to boost your success. 

You know there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing. But for the life of you, you can’t figure out how to get there. Life feels like a struggle. 

You have a feeling it shouldn’t be so hard all the time, but you don’t know how to “smooth out” the path. You stress about money … time … commitments …and, let’s face it: you stress a LOT. 

You’ve spent time and money on business education and training and probably have the concsious mindset – but something is still missing: you are not gettig the results you anticipated. 

You know, deep inside, that you have a bright, brilliant, beautiful future… but you don’t know exactly what it is, or how to get it out there. 

Above all, you’re sick and tired of looking for a “better way,”

Transform Your Business And Your Life

In May this year Sandra and Daniel will be sharing with you the 3 Universal Mistakes Even Conscious Business Owners Make That Keep Them Overwhelmed and Struggling With Work Family and Finances.

During your time together you'll experience the FOUR essential modalities in their process that will allow you to discover and delete your core unconscious programs that have been sabotaging your ability to move forward in life; change your thought system, create new neural pathways, recode your DNA and master your life. 

Your Shift Onto the Success Frequency Will Begin in Just One Night...

If you are not regularly and consistently experiencing success, peace, love, and happiness, you need to ask yourself, “what code, what frequency is blocking my path?” 

Imagine if you could reprogram those old default frequencies that aren’t serving you and fully embrace your spirit's drive to become whole. This is where ultimate transformation begins.

Only in wholeness can we best create deep and meaningful relationships, achieve higher levels of awareness and live a life of meaning and purpose. Sandra and Daniel want to help you upgrade your frequency, reprogram your code and your life on every level, not only spiritually, but also on the levels of wealth, health, and relationship success. They want to help you achieve lasting success in all areas of your life! It begins by raising your frequency and reprograming your thoughts and DNA for success. 

During these three incredible hours, we will introduce you to our innovative and groundbreaking concept of using a master password to actually unlock the secret to the Integrated Wholeness Code within you, allowing you to begin living the life you longingly dream of. The master password, PLATINUM, which stands for PEACE, LOVE, AWARENESS, TRUST, INTEGRITY, NEUTRALITY, UNITY and MINDFULNESS has been proven to turbocharge the evolution of your soul into states of enlightenment and wholeness.

You'll get to experience, first hand, the spiritual success principles and four essential modalities -- Inquiry, Attunement, Corrections and Activations -- that, when used in combination, empower you to quickly and sustainably change your frequency i.e. your code.

This evening is invaluable for you if you are ready to claim your birthright as an enlightened, whole being by raising your consciousness and reconnecting with the perfection you are.  

Register Now...Your Investment is Only $35, or FREE if you Pre-register by calling 213 632 9910 


"Transformation is an experiential process and mastery depends upon practice. Profound instant shifts are normal when we neutralize the unconacious programs stopping you from having the life you want."

The success of this evening relies on your participation! Are you ready to give 100% to your own transformation? Are you truly ready for profound change in your life? If the answer is YES then this is the beginning of a whole new way of thinking and being! This is the beginning of a new life in which success and abundance comes naturally to you!


REGISTER NOW and join us May 23rd - Marina del Rey: Hotel MdR | The Program Runs From 7pm to 10pm, Registration 6.15pm

Register Now... ONLY $35 or, FREE if you Pre-register by calling 213 632 9910